Lithuania’s Barking-Mad Soviet-Era Theme Park Has Barking Dogs and Barking Ex-KGB

People often faint during the experience.

CARTOON 01-16-2018

Technically, time passes faster at your face than your feet!

History’s Strangest Celebrity Eating Habits

Marilyn Monroe ate raw eggs with warm milk.

CARTOON 01-15-2018

The Eiffel Tower’s elevators travel a combined 64,000 miles a year.

CARTOON 01-14-2018

Winnie the Pooh images have been banned from the internet in China!

CARTOON 01-13-2018

Skunks can spray their smelly fluid up to 15 feet!

99% of Sea Turtles Born Female and Waking Up Before Autopsy

Doctors had already made marks for incisions.

Ants vs Humans: Who Would Win a Tug of War?

Each human would have to contend with 1.4 million ants.

CARTOON 01-12-2018

Twenty-five percent of the bones in the human body are in the feet!

Or Not: We Don’t Only Have 5 Senses

What sense makes you hungry?