May the 4th Be With You – Unboxing Darth Vader

We couldn’t let May the 4th pass by without a HUGE Star Wars Celebration Unboxing! Today we have the ultimate Star Wars bad guy – Darth Vader Star Wars art made by Tahitian artist Tahe.

CARTOON 05-04-2016

The Playstation I controller was 10% larger in the US than in Japan to compensate for Americans larger hands.

Spy Radio ‘Number Stations’ Are Still Brodcasting

Thousands of these stations are still broadcasting, but no one is sure if there are any spies still listening.

Meet the Famous Cat, Unsinkable Sam

A cat nicknamed Unsinkable Sam survived the sinking of three different battleships during WWII.

CARTOON 05-03-2016

Troy Haupt of North Carolina’s outer banks owns the only known recording of the Super Bowl I broadcast!

Baby Sumo Anyone? Japan’s Naki Sumo Festival

The Naki Sumo Festival is also known as the baby crying contest because in it, Sumo wrestlers compete to make babies cry.

CARTOON 05-02-2016

Heineken beer bottles were once square so that they could function as bricks to build homes.

CARTOON 05-01-2016

Bruce Lee could move so fast that he could snatch a dime from someone’s palm before they could close it—and leave a penny behind!

CARTOON 04-30-2016

Built in 1902, Altoona, Pennsylvania’s, Leap-the-Dips is the oldest working roller coaster in the world!

Jet Plane Engine Chair

If you can figure out how to get it in the front door, you’ll be sitting in style in this plane engine chair made from a Boeing 737.