Or Not: Do Lemmings Jump to Their Deaths?

Disney’s largely responsible for the rumor.

CARTOON 09-21-2017

Mountain lions can whistle!

The Man Who Survived Execution: El Fusilado

He was shot 9 times by a firing squad.

CARTOON 09-20-2017

In June 2017, 1,387 people gathered in Ludington, Michigan, and made sand angels for 30 seconds!

Want to Be the next Marilyn Monroe?

You can enter every Saturday in October!

The Star Sand Beaches of Japan

What’s the secret behind this star sand?

CARTOON 09-19-2017

Most sharks have 20 to 30 teeth in each row, but whale sharks have about 300 teeth in each row!

The Origins of Gaff Taxidermy as Historical Oddities

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

CARTOON 09-18-2017

A Komodo dragon’s saliva contains more than 50 types of bacteria!

CARTOON 09-17-2017

Every year on August 5th, the Mars Curiosity Rover plays “Happy Birthday” to itself from the desolate surface of the red planet.