Twin Kittens Born Without Eyelids Get Second Chance

Without treatment, the kittens could go blind within the year.

CARTOON 01-16-2017

Women of the Tiwi Tribe in the South Pacific are married at birth.

CARTOON 01-15-2017

When icebergs and glaciers melt, they make a fizzing noise called “Bergy Seltzer.”

CARTOON 01-14-2017

In 1969, Georges Perec published “La Disparition” a 300-page novel written without the letter E!

Russian River Turns Red, Is Visible from Space

Norilsk is known as one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Animals in Space

Animals were invaluable to the Space Race.

CARTOON 01-13-2017

Penguins have a gland above their eyes that converts seawater to freshwater.

Donkeys Wear Pajamas on this Small French Island

Robert Ripley wrote about them in 1930!

CARTOON 01-12-2017

Earthquakes can shorten the length of a day!

The First Synthesizer Was Invented by a Codebreaker in the 1940s

Alan Turing first used the computer’s synth capabilities to invent the first computerized notifications.