CARTOON 12-21-2014

CARTOON 12-20-2014

10 Weirds of Christmas

CARTOON 12-19-2014

Champs and Chumps

Believe It or Not, the first Ripley’s cartoon was not called Believe It or Not!

Company Sells 30,000 Customers Actual Bull Poop

30,000 boxes flew off the (virtual) shelves as customers bought out the entire stock in just 30 minutes! You get what you pay for.

CARTOON 12-18-2014

Help us Dress our Hollywood Dino!

HELP US PICK THE NEXT COSTUME! If you have ever walked down Hollywood and Highland in the heart Tinsletown, you’ve probably seen  our iconic dinosaur …

CARTOON 12-17-2014

“Arne” & “Sebastian” Are a Two-Headed Salamander

Our odd friends are currently living and being taken care of at the University of Haifa in Israel after being discovered in a nearby Community Ecology Lab.