CARTOON 06-25-2016

Early explorers used watermelons as canteens.

Operation Acoustic Kitty was a CAT-astrophe

In the 60s, the CIA tried to use cats to spy on the Kremlin and Soviet embassies. The operation was called Project Acoustic Kitty.

Ray Ewry Beat Polio to Become Olympic Gold Medalist

Ray Ewry contracted Polio as a young boy and was confined to a wheelchair, but he went on to become one of the most decorated Olympians ever.

Unboxing Puppy Portraits Made of Real Dog Hair!

Believe it or not, these dog portraits are made from actual dog hair! What else would you do with hair after a dog groom? Make art of course!

In the 19th Century, Currency Printed on Walrus Skin was Legal

During the Russian Colonization of the Americas, an official Russian-American currency was issued in Alaska and printed on Walrus skin.

Take the Plunge in the Devil’s Swimming Pool

During the dry months between September and January, you can go swimming in the Devil’s Swimming Pool at the top of Victoria Falls.

CARTOON 06-24-2016

Traffic lights were invented before cars!

Another Update From Stein Shows the bad and the good

Still reeling from his previous experience of suddenly taking on water and losing part of his mattress as well as some clothes, Stein Hoff has continued to move in the general direction of his destination. In this update he shines a light on the multiple bad days he’s had and the general hardships of life out at sea. But he also illuminates the good days and knows that the two will continue to come hand in hand during his journey. Only 2,070 nautical miles until his venture is complete.

Gravediggers in Hungary Compete in National Competition

Hungarian gravediggers competed in a national competition intended to crown the best grave digging team in all the land!

Puzzling Roman Tactic: Whistling Sling Stones

Slings were caught on film being used during the Spanish Civil War in 1939!