CARTOON 12-08-2016

Chocolate was once eaten as a cure for smallpox.

Canadian Police Threaten Drunk Drivers with Nickelback, then Apologize

Keep Nickelback Far Away: don’t drink and drive.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Wild & Wacky Edition 2017


Learn the unbelievable stories behind these wacky photos and more. Within these pages you’ll find the weirdest hobbies, the craziest creations, and the most unusual animals you could ever imagine! This brand new, updated edition features all the craziest facts, newest discoveries, and weirdest wonders of the world!

CARTOON 12-07-2016

An ostrich can produce over 1,500 chicks in a lifetime!

Mark Goffeney, Armless Guitarist

Mark Goffeney was born without arms, but that did not stop him from pursuing his dream of being a musician.

CARTOON 12-06-2016

The human body sheds around 500 million cells of skin every day.

Cats in Hats – Made of Their Own Fur

Ryo Yamazaki is a Japanese photographer, who takes pictures of his cats wearing hats – made of their own fur.

CARTOON 12-05-2016

Woodlice can drink from both ends of their body!

CARTOON 12-04-2016

Saeri Kiritani made a life-size sculpture of herself from one million grains of rice.

CARTOON 12-03-2016

Your body makes extra earwax when you are afraid!