CARTOON 05-23-2015

Epic Battle: Blow Cockroach Into Opponent’s Mouth

Yes, this actually happened In a totally cringe worthy segment of a Japanese game show, two contestants battle it out to be the last woman …

CARTOON 05-22-2015

Parrot Plays Dentist, Helps Kid Pull Loose Tooth

From the adorably silly looking to the strange grooming projects, we love pets at Ripley’s. Better yet, it’s great when you can train your pets …

CARTOON 05-21-2015


Unbelievable Art Contest!

Ripley’s 2015 Upcycled Art contest Terms & Conditions

Believe It or Not! Ripley’s is looking for your upclcyed art! Submit your art project made from recycled materials for a chance to win one …

Ripley’s Newest Books

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 12th Annual: Eye-Popping Oddities Eye-Popping Oddities is an incredible collection of the weirdest and wackiest facts in the world. From …

Splitting the Heavens: 4 Real Swords Made of Meteorites

Meteoric swords aren’t just a myth.

CARTOON 05-19-2015