Placenta Art Is a Thing, No Really. See for Yourself!

The Afterlife of Afterbirth.

CARTOON 05-25-2017

Twenty horses were required to transport the Titanic’s main anchor.

Donated Horseshoe Crab Blood Has Saved Countless Lives

Their blood can cost $60,000 a gallon!

CARTOON 05-24-2017

On an average day, a Pentagon tour guide walks 5 miles – backward!

Obese Chunky Monkey Enjoys Junk Food and Soda

Baby got belly!

CARTOON 05-23-2017

China’s Wuhan Haichang Ocean Park charges guests $145 for the privilege of cleaning up polar bear poop!

This Fresh to Death Girl Arrives at Prom in a Coffin

Coffins never looked so good!

CARTOON 05-22-2017

It is trendy for youth in Japan to attain uneven snaggle teeth known as “yaeba,” or “double tooth.”

CARTOON 05-21-2017

Cashews are actually a fruit!

CARTOON 05-20-2017

The “Q” in Q-Tips stands for “Quality.”