CARTOON 02-13-2016

The bushy tip of a cow’s tail is called a “switch”.

CARTOON 02-12-2016

Cheese is the most stolen food in the world!

The Creepy Origins of Valentine’s Day

The origin story for Valentine’s Day is light on the romance but heavy on the strange.

Girl Has Ant Colony Growing Inside Her Head

Doctors have pulled over 1,000 ants out of Shreya Darji ears, but they just keep coming.

New York’s 1930s Nazi Summer Camp

Nazi supporters opened Camp Siegfried in the 1930s.

CARTOON 02-11-2016

A plane going from Australia to Malaysia made an emergency landing when the 2,186 sheep in the cargo bay passed too much gas.

Hungry Sea Lion Too Early for Lunch

Hungry sea lion pup wanders into San Diego restaurant, but finds out he’s too early for the lunch rush.

Weird Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

At a loss for what to do for Valentine’s Day? Here are some Ripley’s inspired gift ideas.

CARTOON 02-10-2016

In 1252, Norway’s King Haakon gave Henry III a polar bear. It lived in the Tower of London and swam in the River Thames.

Taxi Fabric Transports Your Ride Into Another World

Taxis in India are pairing local artists with taxi owners to make remarkable interiors.