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CARTOON 11-20-2017

At Cerro Negro in Nicaragua, thrill-seekers can surf down the side of an active volcano!

CARTOON 11-19-2017

During WWII, Hawaii had its own U.S. banknotes.

CARTOON 11-18-2017

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober built a giant Super Soaker capable of shooting water at 272 MPH, shattering glass and cutting watermelons!

The Most Expensive Painting and Billy the Kid

It beats the runner-up by about $150 million.

The Weird, but true, History of Presidential Turkey Pardons

Eisenhower delighted in eating the turkey he was given.

CARTOON 11-17-2017

Arctic foxes don’t shiver until temperatures reach below -90° F!

Or Not: There’s Pumpkin in Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving’s greatest deception.

Watch as Acrobritt Shoots a Flaming Arrow With Her Feet!

Well, that’s one way (the Ripley way!) to light a bonfire!