CARTOON 10-22-2016

Thieves stole a 40-foot-long footbridge weighing 5,000 pounds from a property in Detroit, Michigan, which was later found 20 miles away in Belleville, Michigan!

Clowns + Ripley’s = Halloween

20 Penny Circus is keeping it weird this Ripley Halloween with the strangest house on the block.

Ripley’s Unlock the Weird iBook Giveaway

Ripley’s Unlock the Weird iBook Giveaway Contest Rules By participating in Ripley’s iBook Giveaway (the “Contest”), you agree to abide by the Contest Rules.  Therefore …

CARTOON 10-21-2016

During his stay on the ISS, astronaut Scott Kelly witnessed 10,944 sunrises and sunsets!

Bela Borsodi Uses His Unique Perspective to Create Optical Illusions

Borsodi relies on constant trial and error to get a photo just right.

CARTOON 10-20-2016

English writer Charles Foster and his son lived like badgers burrowed in the ground, for weeks—eating bugs and crawling around on their bellies.

This Guardians of the Galaxy Patch Was Officially Issued by NASA

Marvel said they had a hard time choosing which of their many characters they would put on the patch.

El Colacho: The Bizarre Baby Jumping Festival

Since the practice began in the 1600s, not a single injury or death ha sbeen recorded.

CARTOON 10-19-2016

Danesha Couch of Kansas City, Kansas, gave birth to twins three times in 26 months!

Truly Twin Look-Alikes or DNA Doppelgängers?

Niamh Geaney of Kerry, Ireland, firmly believes that she has seven doppelgängers lurking somewhere on the planet—leading to, where people can find their own look-alikes from all over the world!