CARTOON 07-30-2016

The average adult writes by hand only about every 41 days!

COLOMBIA HAUL! Zuly Sanguino, Limbless Artist – Miniatures Painted on Pins – PLUS MORE!

We traveled to Colombia and brought back a haul! Meet Zuly Sanguino, born with Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, an artist who doesn’t let her disability stop her.

Researchers at ASU Build a Jetpack to Make People Run Faster

In conjunction with the 4 Minute Mile project, researchers at Arizona State University created a jetpack to help soldiers run faster.

Woodrow Wilson Used Sheep to Mow the White House Lawn

During WWI, Woodrow Wilson got a flock of sheep to mow the White House lawn and cut down on manpower.

CARTOON 07-29-2016

Spartan warriors ate melas zomos, or “black soup,” made from pork, salt, vinegar, and blood!

City Makes it Illegal to be Stinky

The city of Burien, WA has made it illegal to have offensive body odor in public places like the park, library, or city hall.

The Ayam Cemani Chicken of Indonesia

The Ayam Cemani chicken of Indonesia has a rare genetic condition known as fibromelanosis and is all black inside and out.

Last Known VCR Maker Stops Production

It may seem later than reasonable, but the last known VCR maker in the world is finally shutting up shop due to declining sales.

Woman has Three Sets of Fraternal Twins in 26 Months

Danesha Couch and her fiancé Jeffery Pressler had 3 sets of fraternal twins over the course of 26 months without the aid of fertility treatments.

CARTOON 07-28-2016

The medical term for a brain freeze is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia!