CARTOON 05-28-2016

A blue whale can go up to half a year without eating!

My Believe it or Not! Moment Writing Contest

A Giant Green Anemone was Seen Eating a Bird

MINI BELIEVE IT OR NOT – Off the coast of Oregon, a giant green anemone was spotted eating a baby cormorant bird! Because they look like …

Zeppelins Might Have Docked at the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was intended to serve as a dock for zeppelins, but the wind conditions made that impossible.

Goat Born with No Hind Legs Gets Around Just Fine

A goat was born on a farm in China with no hind legs, and six months later he’s defied all odds and is now flourishing.

Spencer M Clark Decides He has a Face Made for Money

Spencer M Clark was the U.S. Currency Official in 1864 when he decided his face was so distinguished that it deserved to be on its own 5-cent bill.

CARTOON 05-27-2016

Woodchucks take one breath every six minutes during hibernation.

Unboxing Royal Wedding Cake

Ripley’s owns six slices of royal wedding cake—two pieces each from the weddings of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Di, and Princess Middleton!

Beard Tax

A barber in the UK is proposing a beard tax in an effort to reduce the deficit.

Cockroach Tea was Commonly Used as Medicine

Cockroach tea was once a common medical treatment for many different ailments.