War Cats: Egyptians Lost A War Becuase They Loved Cats

Cats have been used many times in war! The egyptians lost a battle to a cat-wielding army!

CARTOON 10-22-2014

Goldtatze: Crazy Cat Heaven

Goldtatze has a specific market. They have a very select range of products, try to use eco-friendly materials, & of course the target audience is: Cats

CARTOON 10-21-2014

CARTOON 10-20-2014

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CARTOON 10-18-2014

Long Tongue Man: Small Kid, Giant Tongue

From Armonk, New York Phillip is a 21-year-old student and he sent Ripley’s this picture of his supersized tongue. One of the longest in the world!

CARTOON 10-17-2014

CARTOON 10-16-2014