CARTOON 07-20-2017

At White Tail Chapel, in Virginia, the pastor and congregation attend services nude!

These Illustrations of Surgery Before Anesthetic are Gruesome


Ripley’s Wants to Donate a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress to You!

An Unbelievable Toilet Paper Wedding Dress can be yours!

CARTOON 07-19-2017

Professional bed warmer Viktoria Ivachyova charges $80 a night. Researchers named a newly discovered dinosaur “Zuul” due to its resemblance to the 1984 “Ghostbusters” demonic monster dog. In celebration of Charlie Chapline’s 128th birthday, 662 fans dressed up as his Tramp.

CARTOON 07-18-2017

Presumed dead after an asthma attack, a South African man woke up in the morgue after spending 21 hours in the refrigerator!

Experience the Waverly Hills Sanatorium for Yourself

You might not be able to leave.

CARTOON 07-17-2017

Your larynx subtly moves with the mind’s inner voice – you’re literally talking to yourself!

CARTOON 07-16-2017

King Charles VI of France suffered from a delusion that caused him to believe he was made of glass!

CARTOON 07-15-2017

Former astronaut Mike Massimino was the first person to tweet from space!

The World’s Most Famous Conjoined Twins, Chang and Eng Bunker

Eng was drafted by both the Confederacy and the Union Armies.