CARTOON 10-25-2014

Woman in Texas with 18 Inch Nails!

Ayanna Williams has grown her fingernails for more than 20 years, and they now measure more than 18 in (45 cm) long

CARTOON 10-24-2014

Calling All Your Halloween Oddities!

We love the creepy and weird our fans are doing this Halloween. Are you weird enough to get on the Ripley’s blog?!

CARTOON 10-23-2014

War Cats: Egyptians Lost A War Because They Loved Cats

Cats have been used many times in war! The egyptians lost a battle to a cat-wielding army!

CARTOON 10-22-2014

Goldtatze: Crazy Cat Heaven

Goldtatze has a specific market. They have a very select range of products, try to use eco-friendly materials, & of course the target audience is: Cats

CARTOON 10-21-2014

CARTOON 10-20-2014