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CALIFORNIA Hollywood, CA ↳ 1 attraction San Francisco, CA ↳ 3 attractions FLORIDA Key West, FL ↳ 1 attraction Orlando, FL ↳ 1 attraction Panama …

Man Changes Name to Adam West to Avoid Airline Fee

It was cheaper for Adam Armstrong to legally change his name than it was to pay the airline fee.


3 Amazing Locations Since 1997 Ripley’s Aquariums have thrilled millions of visitors in North America. Traveling on moving glide paths, visitors enter the ocean realm …

Peel’s Street-Legal P50 Car Fits in an Elevator

Weighing in at 175 pounds (79.4 Kilograms) or less, the car may weigh less than you and your bags!

2015 Canadian International AutoShow Rules

Official  Contest Rules OFFICIAL RULES TO RIPLEY’S  CONTEST By participating in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Contest (the “Contest”), you agree to abide by the …

Father’s Day Email Sign Up

FATHER’S DAY 25% OFF DISCOUNT FOR EVERYONE! Sign Up below for our FREE Ripley’s Newsletter and get a 25% Off TICKETS Coupon for your Ripley’s …

Champs and Chumps

Believe It or Not, the first Ripley’s cartoon was not called Believe It or Not!

Company Sells 30,000 Customers Actual Bull Poop

30,000 boxes flew off the (virtual) shelves as customers bought out the entire stock in just 30 minutes! You get what you pay for.

50% Off for Florida Residents

Holiday Special! Florida residents get an early holiday gift this year from Ripley’s! We’re offering 50% off for all Florida state residents to our Florida …