We invite you to join the amazing journey to the fantastic world of Japanese Manga Comics. Manga is an outstanding type of art, which became very famous worldwide for its exceptional beauty and expressiveness. Usually manga stories receive anime adaptation, which may become a masterpiece like well-known One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tale, Death Note etc. And readers from all over the world are now willing to learn more about this industry and get involved!

This program was specifically designed by professional artists from Russia to show you the basics of the manga drawing style from professional tools to anatomy and helpful drawing tips to make your work dynamic and accurate. Let’s draw with us! Together we will unleash the power of manga!

Master Class #1

Professional Tools for Manga
You will learn how to use professional manga nibs and how to ink your artwork with them. This is an essential technique if you want to make your own manga. It either boosts your drawing skills! Additionally you will see a special demonstration of screentone application, which makes manga pages that impressive and shining.
March 27, 16:00 p.m. – 18:00 p.m

Master Class #2

Manga Faces and Emotions
This class is devoted to face anatomy, manga proportions and emotions of your characters, both male and female. You will learn the distinctions between Japanese and European Comics drawing traditions.
March 28, 16:00 p.m. – 18:00 p.m.

Bonus: Manga Portrait Workshop

Every visitor has an opportunity to get a manga portrait made by our artists! Do not miss live demonstration and a chance to receive such a wonderful gift! Each portrait takes 10 minutes to draw.
March 28, 18:00 p.m. – 20:00 p.m.