Themed like an old Victorian Era space, this gallery holds some of Robert Ripley’s most treasured possessions including things like a two-headed calf skeleton, and the most famous of all fakes – The Fiji Mermaid.

SAFETY DEPOSIT WALLS – Open several safety deposit doors to reveal Ripley’s treasured currency from around the world.

You will also see an authentic human shrunken head made by the Jivaro Indians of the Amazon jungles in Ecuador.

Treasured Possessions

The fact that John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln in Washington’s Ford Theater has never been disputed, but for over 100 years there was a great debate over which of two guns was the murder weapon!

gun owned by john wiles booth

Gun owned by John Wilkes Booth

After Booth shot the President, he managed to get out of theater with the help of conspirators. Left behind on the stage was the derringer shown here, inscribed J.Wilkes Booth. After a massive manhunt, Booth was gunned down in a farmhouse in Virginia. On his body was found a second “identical” matching derringer. Ripley’s derringer in Baltimore was long believed to be the actual murder weapon because it clearly was on Booth’s body at the time of the assassination. To further complicate the issue, some experts argued that the body shot in the farmhouse wasn’t Booth’s, but a man named John William Boyd!

Not until 1971 (106 years after the murder) did modern forensics finally solve the debate. Serrations inside the barrels of both guns were not identical, and only one matched the existing bullet fragments taken from Lincoln’s head. Believe It or Not!


Call forth a canister from the bank tubes and see what oddity it contains. Check out the gun that was found at Ford’s Theater – used by John Wilkes Booth on Abraham Lincoln, a six foot Chinese coin carved from jade, and so much more.