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Located on two floors with 8 galleries and 10 televisions. It is fun for all ages, it’s interactive and educational. Don’t miss this award winning attraction!


Lizard Man
Ripley’s Believe It or Not! welcomes not one, but two brand brand new lifesize wax models to the museum of oddities, located by Blackpool Pleasure Beach on the famous Blackpool promenade.

The first exhibit is of Eric Sparague, otherwise known as Lizard Man. Described as ‘the world’s most unusual man’, the waxwork details his transformation from regular human to the worlds only Lizard Man. His skin is covered in green scales, a result of no less than 1000 hours of tattooing over a ten year period. Not stopping at lizard like skin, he has further transformed his appearance thanks to Teflon implants under his skin and spitting his tongue down the middle. This coupled with his sharpened teeth and a upcoming tail implant make the Lizard Man a perfect addition to the museum.

The second exhibit joining the promenade attraction is a wax model of J.T. Taylors, a ‘girner’. For those not in the know, girning is the act of extending your bottom lip and being able to completely cover your nose.

Both artifacts are now on display in the museum of oddities alongside human shrunken heads, the world’s smallest production car and the infamous fertility statues.

A Collection of Right Royal Coins

Ripley’s Believe It or Not has cashed in with a right royal new exhibit! Taking centre stage in the upper floor of the museum of oddities is an incredible portrait of Princess Diana. Unlike most portraits created from paint, this one is made using penny coins, 2500 of them to be exact!

The new portrait is created by Ed Chapman, a Manchester artist who caught the eye of Ripley’s Believe It or Not with a coin collage of football manager Alex Ferguson. So impressed by the lifelike portrait Ripley’s immediately commissioned the Mancunian artist to create a new portrait of Lady Diana using his method of sourcing thousands of coins, organising them in order of shade and then beginning the long process of arranging them, forming the portrait of the famous princess – a process which took an incredible 3 months.

The collage contains a variety of shaded penny coins which when viewed from a distance form the portrait of Lady Diana. Each coin varies in age from the very first penny coins introduced in 1971 right upto brand new penny coins which have never been used before.

The new portrait is now on display, nestled amongst hundreds of other weird and wonderful artefacts including the world’s smallest production car, and a model of the world’s tallest man – for big and small Ripley’s has it all!

Mini Motor Joins Mega Museum

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum has long attracted weird and wonderful artefacts from around the world, displayed across two floors of exhibits and interactive displays.

The museum of oddities now boasts a brand new display in the form of a Peel Trident – the world’s smallest production car!

The new mini motor takes centre stage at Ripley’s –but is no stranger to the limelight after featuring on Top Gear and more recently on Dragons Den.

The Peel Trident was originally manufactured in the 60s, providing just enough room for the driver and a small bag. Huge interest in the motor was generated as infamous motor head, Jeremy Clarkson took the car for a spin, proving its minute size is perfect at driving indoors after using it to travel around BBC Television Studios.
Entrepreneurs Gary Hillman and Faizal Khan jumped upon the surge in interest and dusted down the plans and re-entered the car into production – even presenting the car to the infamous Dragons, of Dragons Den.

The famous motor can now be found in the entrance foyer to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, located along Ocean Boulevard by Pleasure Beach amongst many other weird and wonderful artefacts such as a snaptacular 14ft alligator, found in a Florida golf course with an incredible 200 golf balls in its stomach! Head on down to Ripley’s Believe It or Not on Ocean Boulevard, Blackpool to view the all new Peel car and a whole host of weird and wonderful artefacts!

Fertility Statue

Fertility StatueThe Fertility Statue has been on display for over four years and so far we have had over 1,000 confirmed pregnancies. People have been coming to us every week telling us of their success. We have had all kinds of women trying their luck, from women who have been trying for 18 years to women who have been on fertility treatment and been unsuccessful.

One touch of this amazing figure and they have fallen pregnant within three months. Come and try for yourself, one touch and you could be lucky!

2 Headed Calf2 headed calf

Farmer Paul Springer of Texas first discovered these strange creatures when one was born on his farm. So amazed by the discovery he decided to look after the animal and give it a full and decent life. So much so that he dedicated a large part of his farm to such animal oddities. The first calf that was born onto his farm was called Baldaguard, when he passed on Paul had him preserved and donated him to Ripley’s®. Further such animals have been donated thus creating an incredible collection which is located around the world.


Millions of unusual tourists visit Blackpool every year but even Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!® hasn’t seen anyone quite as strange as these ‘Junkart’ people. Created by renowned junkartist Leo Sewell of Philadelphia, these ‘Junkart’ figures are made from common kitchen utensils, plumbing supplies, auto parts, broken toys and other rubbish salvaged from city streets and rubbish bins.

Floating Tap

One of the most popular exhibits that are shown in our attraction the tap hasn’t any visible plumbing and stands floating in mid-air with a steady flow of water flowing into a barrel below, but how is it done, can you work it out?.

Robert Wadlow

Hologram Skull

At 8’11” tall Robert Wadlow was the tallest man of all-time. In 1940, at the age of 22 Wadlow wore a size 37AA shoe and weighed 440lbs.

Hologram Skull

Come and touch I don’t bite! Why? Because I’m not really there, I may look scary but you will see right through me, Believe It or Not!®