The Mystic Exploratorie

Leave a little of yourself behind at the SHADOW WALL!

shadow wall


Østergade 16, DK-1100 Copenhagen K

What’s Inside?

Explore a world of strange phenomena. Feel the shiver and take part in the game!

Experience a real graveyard atmosphere – try the ghost wheel and see who is lying in the grave!

The Mystic Exploratorie

Experience the sights and sounds of Dr. Jekyll’s ghastly laboratory!

Welcome to a wealth of challenges and the eerie feeling of an old churchyard…

  • Try the ghost ride and see who is lying in the grave.
  • Change heads with the person next to you.
  • Look down the bottomless well of echoes.
  • See how the first moving pictures were produced.

Mystic Exploratorium

Control the weather! Choose between lightning, thunder, rain & clouds!

Mysterious Phenomena!
Horror & Fun!
Test the Forces of Nature!

Mystic Exploratorie

Try the electric chair, if you dare.

Dans Med Dit Skelet!

Dance with the Skeleton!

Fun and Games for All the Family!