Inside Ripley’s Museum in Hollywood

Come and Visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Hollywood, home to weird class family fun, where you can explore 2 floors with ALL NEW galleries, shows and nearly 300 unusual and fascinating exhibits collected by world-famous traveler Robert Ripley.

  • View our larger than life “Bumblebee” Autobot Transformer model from the Transformer movies. Made in Thailand, “Bumblebee” Stands 8 feet tall and is made entirely from used auto parts.
  • Armour up! Metal Barding (also spelled bard or barb) is armour for horses. During the late middle ages, barding was used as effective armour protection for knights and their mounts that often became targets themselves. We have such armor from the motion picture “Van Helsing!”

The whole family can marvel at our collection of unusual and strange relics and rare treasures. The Odditorium is a self-guided, self-paced tour that allows guests to fully enjoy Hollywood’s most bizarre attraction!

skull carved from coral

Ray Gun

  • Explore the unusual and discover our bizarre collections of skulls carved from the most unlikely materials.
  • Blast off to space with our rare 1950′s Sci-fi movie prop Ray Gun, sculpted by Peter Jackson’s New Zealand movie design firm.
  • Marvel at the moving water fountain that shoots streams of water.
  • Take a peek at our ancient Egyptian mummified foot that once belonged to a young priestess that lived in the 12th dynasty.
  • Meet “Tyro” a three-month-old-Labrador retriever that survived after swallowing a nine-inch knife!

Amazing Artwork

You’ll be astounded by unusual but fascinating art unlike you’ve never seen before! Our pieces come from all over the world and include works from Robert Ripley’s own journeys and Hollywood inspired pieces that will blow your mind.

marilyn monroe nail polish portrait


  • Made of tiny little Airsoft balls, Angelina Jolie herself would stand in awe of our 4 by 8 foot Airsoft ball Angelina Jolie mosaic. The balls, which only come in 5 different colors, were then placed into 303 thin glass tubes by hand to create the finished portrait.
  • There’s fun for the entire family under the glitz and glam of Ripley’s Million-dollar Marilyn Monroe inspired collection on display!
  • Stick around for our astounding pieces of Duct tape art, depicting famous Hollywood points of interest.
  • Believe it or not! We’ve got the World’s first photographic sequin Mosaic – named “Glitter Girl” this portrait is made up of 50,625 individually pinned sequins.
  • He said he’d be back! Come see our life-sized Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator decorated in hundreds of Hollywood films. How many can you find?

Just when you think you’ve seen it all – our bizarre oddities will keep you on your toes and plenty entertained throughout this self-guided tour.


  • Two Trunks are better than one – See it for yourself, on display; our two-trunk elephant. Believe it or not!
  • Animals you won’t see in a zoo. Come check out our taxidermy two-headed goats!
  • Moo-ve it or lose it! Come see the cow that has an extra pair of legs growing from it’s back!
  • We’ve found a footprint from a yeti! Is it Bigfoot? Is it the Abominable Snowman? Come see for yourself and decide if these are truly mythical creatures!