Believe It or Not!® Odditorium®

Key West promoExperience the Unbelievable!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® Key West Odditorium prides itself in being the strangest place in Key West! A museum of the odd, bizarre, and unusual featuring over 10,000 sq feet of exhibits. 90% different from all other Ripley Odditoriums, the Key West location provides the classic Ripley’s experience along with unique local exhibits.

Encompassing the entire second floor of the historical building, Ripley’s houses one of the largest museum collections in Key West. With over 500 exhibits in 13 air conditioned galleries and outdoor balconies, the self-guided tour is sure to show you why Robert Ripley was once polled as being the most popular man in America, even more than the President at the time!

Measure yourself against Robert Wadlow, the man that was 8 feet and 11 inches tall. Wow!

See two headed animals, an actual vampire killing kit, and art made out of toast! Don’t just stroll past Ripley’s Odditorium wondering what’s inside… get your ticket now and experience a unique adventure. All strange, but all true… Believe It or Not!

So what’s inside?

As you enter Ripley’s Key West Museum you will be entertained by a man-eating shark.  Don’t get too close, he’s very hungry!  Next you will come face-to-face with an 8-foot-tall statue of Cpt. Jack Sparrow made from recycled car parts.  If you’re thinking of turning back, you might try to catch a ride on our motorcycle that is made from 100% real bones!  You think it’s weird in the lobby, wait till you come inside!

the newly redesigned lobby

the newly redesigned lobby

Inside you’ll see video clips from the top rated TBS television series starring Dean Cain, try your best to remain upright as you inch your way through the Vortex Tunnel, a totally mind-blowing experience.


A Few Featured Items

Featured items include Miracle, a pure white buffalo, a shrunken human torso which once belonged to renowned writer, Ernest Hemingway and his own typewriter and reading glasses.

Pine Needle Bear

Pine Needle Bear


Shrunken torso owned by Ernest Hemingway

Shrunken torso owned by Ernest Hemingway

Also featured is the row boat that was flown across the English Channel in 1903 powered by kites by Samuel Cody, brother of the famous Wild Bill Cody and a portrait of Niki Menaj made from candy, licorice, and gummy bears.

Meet the world’s heaviest man, a shark attack survivor, and the original vampire, known as Vlad The Impaler. But don’t worry, because we also have an authentic 19th century vampire killing kit… just in case!