Believe It or Not!
Frickin' Laser Beam Camera Captures Images From Around Corners!

Frickin’ Laser Beam Camera Captures Images From Around Corners!

About 2 years ago, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that they had something special in the works. Something along the lines of a camera that would be able to peer around corners and image objects that were never in its line of sight. Now, the lab has released a video that explains exactly how they do this and shows the technology in action – Sweet!

In Laymen Terms

The camera will send out a laser (kind of like a flash) that will then scatter out and analyze the reflected light. That light will bounce around and back to the camera. Then using new computational methods and one hell of a fast processing camera (processes at trillionths of a second) – the system can piece together a picture of the room’s geometry.



Think of the Possibilities

With technology like this, rescue workers would be able to see dangers from around the bend – or this could even be implemented in cars of the future to better detect and avoid collisions due to blind spots. Very cool!

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