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11 Year Old Me Wants This House

11 Year Old Me Wants This House

Fine, I’ll admit it, adult me wants this house too. What is cooler than having a slide that runs AROUND the entire house? A ball-room and slide entries strategically located around the home. These are the luckiest kids ever.

Level architects has completed ‘house with slide’, a three-storey family residence  that features a continuous circulation route that utilizes both stairs and the playground equipment.
circumscribing the volume of the house, the playful layout places the living spaces at the core of  the house with a number of access points along the course.

Source: Design Boom

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Author: Dan Philibin

7 Comments to “11 Year Old Me Wants This House”
  1. I WANT ONEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AWESOME. Those kids are uber lucky.

  3. OMG I totally want that hous soooo bad. The house rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love that this house is very kid-friendly. Kids in this house will most likely be happy grown-ups in the future. The design of the house is very neat! I wish there will be more child-friendly houses like this.

  5. I don’t want this house, but I would love to take a tour around it. It looks like a daycare too and it’s so well kept!

  6. Tessa Torture says:

    ikr i’ll buy one and we can share

  7. omg i want one now!!!!!!!!!!!xP

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