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Austria's Upside Down House

Austria’s Upside Down House

In the small western Austrian village of Terfens, Polish Architects, Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhanski have unveiled a house that is literally upside down, both inside and out – It’s now open as a tourist attraction.

Although there’s been many fictional portrayals of upside down homes, this one is particularly unique because unlike others, the actual house itself, including the foundation, appears to be fully turned on it’s head – as opposed to those who simply place items in an otherwise normal house onto the room’s ceiling.

Inside, the rooms have an anti-gravity effect. As visitors romp around on the ceilings, each personal effect of the home is kept in place. The fantastical family that “lives” in the upside-down house presumably has young children. Toys dot the outside of the house, and are strewn in the family living and dining area. Stools hang at head height, poised against a counter top.

This house should probably be in Australia – but either way you can’t deny that the Polish pulled off a pretty trippy design with this one!

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Author: Christian

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  1. Building inversions are more common than you may think:
    and the idea is hardly new. Fred Astaire performed “You’re All The World To Me” inside a rolling room (part of the time it was upside down) for the movie “Royal Wedding” (1951).

  2. This nook is positively a walk-by for all the break you wished about this once more didn’t know who to ask.

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