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Matchstick Marvels

Matchstick Marvels

One of a Kind

Patrick Acton of Gladbrook, Iowa, is the world’s best matchstick model maker. His works , everything from Paul Revere on horseback to Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, to this scale model of Hogwarts School of Wizardry, can be seen in a number of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museums around the world.

Magical Matchsticks!

New to the Ripley collection in 2012, the Hogwarts model took 3 years to complete and contains over 600,000 matchsticks.

Gothic in style, the exterior of the chapel shown in this close-up features classic flying buttresses, long slender pillars and pointed arches reminiscent of England’s two most famous universities—Oxford and Cambridge– after which Hogwarts was loosely modeled.

Looking at the bridges

The Clock Tower

Middle Earth Matchsticks

For those of you who are Lord of the Rings fans (like me), Ripley’s also just acquired a mind-blowing replica of Minis Tirith (The White Citadel of Gondor) made out of over 400,000 matchsticks. I am not sure if it is possible, but I think it is even more amazing than Hogwarts.

Minas Tirith

There is so much detail that it was almost impossible to capture it all. From the main gates, through the seven ascending levels of the citadel, through garrisons, houses, tunnels and turrets, all the way up to the White Tower and the tombs of the kings.  Check out a couple more detail shots.

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7 Comments to “Matchstick Marvels”
  1. That is just mind-blowing! The detail is incredible! I can see why it took years to do…wow….

  2. thumbs up!

  3. carpentier catherine says:

    je suis mr le riboter je vous ai adresse un courrier l annee derniere sans de votre part mr acton je voudrais avoir des renseignements sur vos maquettes.comment faite-vous pour les construirent serait il possible d avoir quelles photos de vos chefs d oeuvres voici mon adresse .mr le riboter herve md carpentier catherine 20.a boulevard de l atlantique 22000 saint-brieuc bretagne france je vous remercie mr acton pour les renseignements

  4. this work is amazing he is so gifted/i am so glad he is showing the world his skills/i hope he keep the good work up

  5. I have been to the MatchStick Museum, in Gladbrook, IA. It cost #3.00 to get in. I had my young daughter with me and we totally enjoyed it. Each piece has an 8×10 piece of paper telling how many matchsticks it took, how much glue it took, and how long and a little story about the exhibit. Pat Acton is so talented and gifted. I loved the Crooked House exhibit, the Capital in DC is awesome, each piece is amazing. I really think he is the best anywhere. I would love to see his Harry Potter exhibit. I understand at some point it was going to be shown in a couple different countries. But I have not heard much more. If any of you have the opportunity to go to the MatchStick Museum in Gladbrook, Iowa, you will be totally mesmermized by each piece, and it’s only $3.00. How cool is that. We took a day trip from Western Iowa over to Gladbrook which is a very small community, and the next town over I belive Traer(?) it has the “Famous Winding Staircase”. There really is a lot to see in Iowa.

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble but nothing is better than Hogwarts

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