Believe It or Not!
River House

River House

Now that’s what i call riverfront property!

The Drina River runs the border between Bosnia Harzegovina and Serbia.  The Drina is the main kayaking and rafting attraction of the Balkans.  When you go on a river trip, you expect to see beautiful pastoral countryside. What you don’t expect to see is an oddly placed house in the middle of the river!

Is anyone home?

It doesn’t appear that anyone lives in the Drina River House.  It would make it kinda tough to get to the grocery store.  But that doesn’t answer the question who built it and why?

I’ve scoured the internet trying to find out the answers to my questions, with no luck.  So I pose the question to you: why would someone build a house in the middle of a river?


Last I night I posed the question on Facebook. I promised whoever posted the correct answer first, (with backup link for proof) will get their name cited in the blog.

Congrats Eddie Ortiz on San Antonio, Texas!  He found the right answer. Turns out the house was built in 1968 by kids who needed a place to sunbathe. The website where Eddie found the answer is written in Serbian, but click this link to read the English translation. There is also a pretty cool video that I posted at the top of the blog that shows the house during the flood season.


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4 Comments to “River House”
  1. At least it is zombie proof!

  2. Hmm were there any floods? Perhaps it somehow got washed down stream ?

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