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3 feet, 5 inches of Unbelievable Upper Body Strength

3 feet, 5 inches of Unbelievable Upper Body Strength

Joby Mathew, 33, is a World Champion athlete from Kerala, India who suffers with proximal femoral focal deficiency which left him with deformed hips and stunted legs, and a height of 3 1/2 feet. The wrestler, is proving that you can still achieve a lot despite being disabled – crushing his opponents with no disabilities – he won the World Arm Wrestling title in Spain in 2008!

Stunningly, the father-of-one has so far made it onto five world podiums during his career.

“I don’t care about the distance or the other impossibilities. I just want to participate in as many events as I can and win medals,’’ says Joby.

Apart from his bagful of medals, Joby is also well qualified. He has an LLB degree and is working as a PRO of the social work wing at the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences at Kalamassery near Kochi. But his first love is definitely locking arms with people and defeating them. And all his efforts are geared for the forthcoming World Championships.

Recently, Joby has been focusing on the London Paralympics 2012, since he was selected. Until now, he is the only player to be selected from the State for the event.

“I am participating in swimming and wheelchair fencing. I have been training for the past few months to improve my performance.’’

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4 Comments to “3 feet, 5 inches of Unbelievable Upper Body Strength”
  1. This is very inspiring and I think that if he can become a successful person, then i can too.

  2. Wow for a short man he is awesome and strong
    And it doesn’t matter how short or tall u are anyone can still have a talent

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