Believe It or Not!
OOPS! There's a Spear In my Head...

OOPS! There’s a Spear In my Head…

In a surprising turn of events, young 16 year old Yasser Lopez miraculously survived one hell of a blow to the head. On June 7th Lopez and his 15 year old friend were hanging out when the friend loaded a spear gun that accidentally deployed, according to a statement from Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

To their surprise, both boys found that Lopez had the spear’s tip sticking out from the back of his head and about 3 feet of spear sticking out from his forehead.

“It’s a striking injury,” Dr. George Garcia, an army trauma surgeon said at a press conference. “It’s something you don’t see every day, to have a patient awake and speaking with a three-foot spear through his head.”

Believe it or not, Lopez was wide awake and actively communicating with doctors. During surgery, doctors used a few industrial-grade instruments to remove the spear – mainly, rebarb cutters and vise grips to steadily cut off a large 18-inch portion of the protruding spear. To the credit of the paramedics who transported the teen to the hospital, no further brain damage occurred to his head while on the way.

After the successful 3-hour-long surgery, doctors managed to remove the spear all while missing the main blood vessels in the brain. They said Lopez doesn’t remember the accident. He’ll have to spend several months in the hospital as doctors realize the full extent of his injuries. Pull through bud! We’re rooting for ya!

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  2. how the hell do u survive a accident like that id rather have my penis bit by a dog than survive that!!

  3. His friend had a spear gun, WHY?

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