Believe It or Not!
Stick A Fork In It!

Stick A Fork In It!

UK Doctors removed a 9-inch fork from a man’s stomach
10 years after he swallowed it!

For over a decade Lee Gardner, age 40 from the UK, has had a plastic fork stuck in his stomach. When he originally swallowed it he was told the disposable piece would pass through his system naturally. Unfortunately, it did not. In fact, it had been so many years since he accidentally swallowed the fork that he forgot it was in there!

ouch! what is that?

One morning he started feeling sick and began vomiting blood. An ambulance rushed him to the hospital where he underwent tests to find out why he was ill.

The doctor found something strange and asked Gardner if he remembers swallowing anything – Gardener said no. When the doctor added “I can see prongs of what appears to be a fork.” That was when Gardner remembered swallowing the utensil 10 year earlier!

Under the knife, for a fork

Gardner underwent a 45-minute long operation where the surgeon successfully removed the fork along with a portion of his stomach. Ouch! Apart from the fork turning black, there was no damage. That is oddly impressive actually.

Gardner is expected to make a full recovery!

Here is the fork, in all its glory, after the operation.


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Author: lauren

2 Comments to “Stick A Fork In It!”
  1. Who would swallow a fork?!?! And pass through the system?

  2. Why the hell had he had the fork swallowed?

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