Believe It or Not!
Can You Believe These Were Hand Drawn?

Can You Believe These Were Hand Drawn?

Amazing 18 year old artist Rajacenna is self taught and works primarily in pencil with her creations logging in at 40 hours of work or more. She started drawing at age 2.



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Author: Brie

70 Comments to “Can You Believe These Were Hand Drawn?”
  1. OMG r u serious they look like real pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Countrygirl says:

    OMG!!!!!!! there is no way that these are hand drawn!!!!

  3. they look like real pictures. she is amazing!!!



  5. That is unfreakin’real! It really is….what a talent!

  6. if she really drew the last one, I LOVE HER! JOHNNY DEPP IS AWESOME!!!!!!!


  7. This is an extremely talented young woman, the drawings are fantastic, well done.

  8. This is an extremely talented young woman, these drawings are fantastic, well done.

  9. Tweedybirdcat says:

    checked out her website. she’s my age! i mean i do pretty well at drawing people but i have such a hard time with all of those little details.

  10. dadsmunchk1 says:

    wow. that’s all i can say. she is amazing!

  11. Wow she is VERY TALENTED!!! I would love to have my picture drawn!

  12. Will Ferrell says:

    This is for real I saw her do it in person! She has one of me but it is not up here. She gave it to me as a gift. We are very good friends now.

  13. Naaaaahh,she may be good but this is……

  14. Naaaaahhhh,she may be good but this is********

  15. Ross Cameron says:


  16. wow im an artist but not that good

  17. omg impossable!!!! SWEEEETTT!!!

  18. i mean… these are good but they’re not like ‘believe it or not’… if you look closely it’s pretty obvious it’s a drawing. not to say it’s not good, the quality of the skin is amazing

  19. Ross Cameron says:

    i always get amazed when i see these. she needs to teach me

  20. Ross Cameron says:


  21. there’s no word to discribe…. her creativity says it all… awesome…. wonderful……

  22. I think she just writes her name on the pictures..
    I can believe it when i see it


  23. I wish she made one of me!!!!!

  24. Just looked at the pics again (still can’t belive it’s hand drawn

  25. Wow these r amazing i wish i could draw this goood it might take a long time though but its still soooooooooo awesome!

  26. Ever thought of selling these? I think you could make a fortune! But it’s up to you.

  27. Did I really just see a JB photo in her website?

  28. awesome hand drawn,coollllllllllllll.

  29. holy dingleberries!! this is a TRUCKLOAD of talent!! Its priceless!

  30. those pictures are awesome that girl is soooo talented

  31. are you kidding that looks real who ever drue these i want to say a billion times nice drawing really good detale you have me looking at all your work on the enternet so put some on dont be scared well love it allot

  32. this is one hell of a talented girl… brilliant… very brilliant!!! god bless you sweetie… draw more, share it and make everyone happy and proud of you dear… mmmuahh!!

  33. omG! you are amazing!(M)

  34. omg these pictures are well cool =) xD

  35. are we done being smart asses? if any of you were actual sketch artist, you will examine and see these are Drawings..not realistic pics.

  36. everyone needs to stop arguing, if y’all think its hand drawn ok, if y’all think its photographed thats also ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. AWESOME_EMILEE says:

    HER DRAWING IS AWESOME! my art teacher can draw just like that but this lady is a little bit better

  38. Casier Jernigan says:

    OMG SHEZ AMAZING WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Gabriella says:

    These pics r beautiful and you can really tell that they were drawed. Just look at Jack Sparrow for instance, if you study it really closely you can tell that it was draw just by the color pencils texture.


  41. Imagine if a 3d thing is only hand drawn and its alive!

  42. woah, that’s awesome! She has great talent, she must’ve practiced alot! Good job, girl! that is nice

  43. The faces are the best–the shading is AMAZING. O.o
    I liked the 2nd, 3rd, and jonny depp ones the best. :O

  44. Anarchy Nonamer says:

    I really liked the tool set, but the Edward Cullen one made me want to smash it, than punch a bunch of newborn babies in the face while setting an elderly poor couples house on fire. It was well done but the Twilight kids make me angry.

  45. That girl has talent!!!!!

  46. millan chhetri says:

    She is very amazing and her pictures too.

  47. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Vijay Mehra says:

    Simply Marvelous, Unbelievable, Wonderful . I don’t even have enough adjectives to really appreciate how very well done all the pictures are.

    Simply Beautiful. Wonder how much time it took for each of those pictures.!!!

  49. The artist who created these is rajacenna, she has some videos on youtube showing her process of drawing.. These are definitely real

  50. hadis zanjani says:

    واقعا زیباست
    these are really great perfect

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