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Amazing Household Use for Snail Poo

Amazing Household Use for Snail Poo

New Flooring- CHEAP!

Stuck in a design rut? Does your home need a pick-me-up? How about redoing your floors with these amazing colorful tiles.

All they will cost you are a bit of paper and a snail lab to mold the mollusk droppings into “thread.”


Dutch artist Lieske Schreuder has set up a lab that does all those things.

She keeps the snails fat and happy by feeding them colorful paper, and has also devised a recycling process that turns the droppings into a thread that then gets pressed into tile molds.

Turns out snails LOVE to chomp on paper. It also turns out that the whatever color the paper is as it goes in the front end retains its hue as it comes out the back end.

So, why would anyone do take the time and effort to perfect such a process? Here is what she says on her website:

Walking outside, in the garden or in the streets, we are constantly walking on snail excrements. But because these excrements are very small and look like normal dirt, we are not aware of this. This made me think of a situation where these excrements are in color.

Oh, well, that explains it. Makes perfect sense now.

Source: Gizmodo


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