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Buttercup's New Foot

Buttercup’s New Foot

Waddle Waddle

Buttercup was hatched in November of 2012. He was known as the proverbial  “ugly duckling” around the Feathered Angels Sanctuary because he was born with a rare deformity where his left foot was turned backwards.

Buttercup's Amputated Foot
The deformity was very hazardous for Buttercup because it made him prone to injury and cuts when he tried to waddle on it.

The sanctuary knew Buttercup would survive better without the deformed foot, so they decided to have his poor little webbed foot amputated. That’s when sanctuary owner Mike Garey had the brilliant idea to print Buttercup a new foot!

Print a what?!?

We’ve written a few blogs on 3D printing and 3D printed body parts. In short, 3D printing allows you to actually print designs made from 3D modeling software.  Mike Garey reached out to local 3D printing company NovaCopy to help him make Buttercup’s new foot.

Garey supplied the designs while NovaCopy donated the materials. Garey took a picture of Buttercup’s sister’s foot and used that for the model.

It took over 13 hours for the prosthetic to print. After the design was printed, it was time for testing!

Watch the video posted at the top of the blog to see Buttercup’s first steps with his new foot!

It takes Buttercup a few steps to get acclimated to his new appendage, but after that he’s off like a rocket!

Thanks to his new 3D printed webbed foot, Buttercup can now walk and swim with the best of them!

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  1. Absolutely outstanding!!!!!!!

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