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Creepy Vampire Fanged Dino

Creepy Vampire Fanged Dino

So ugly it’s cute!

This recently discovered dinosaur is an ugly beast covered in ill-matching features – including its `vampiric’ canines – that makes Australia’s platypus look normal. No offense to any platypus or platypus fans out there, but this is a face only a mom could love. Check out the facial reconstruction video.

A few unusual things about Pegomastax

  • The incredibly ugly dinosaur’s remains were found in a forgotten collection of fossils dug up in southern Africa in the 1960s.
  • The Pegomastax had a face combining a beak, large teeth and bristles.
  • The Pegomastax was a cat-sized dinosaur … although it looks more like he could eat my cat.
  • The Pegomastax was also covered with thick bristles similar to those of a porcupine.
  • It is a new species of plant-eating dinosaur (though you’d never believe it with those vicious fangs in its mouth)

Pegomastax Facial Reconstruction

So maybe he was not a vegan

The fearsome-looking, self-sharpening teeth were likely for slicing through plants to get to the fruit. Some scientist disagree. The debate over the dinosaur’s heterodontosaur cousins has focused on the possibility that the cat-sized animal also ate large insects or small animals.

Others say the teeth were for self-defense and sparring with competitors for mates.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this prickly little fella may had visited the salad bar, but it probably did not turn its toothy beak up to a juicy hunk of meat.

Robert Ripley would've call it A PRANK OF NATURE

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