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Cyclops the Shark

Cyclops the Shark

Talk about a one-of-a-kind discovery—an extremely rare cyclops shark has been confirmed in Mexico.

The 22-inch-long (56-centimeter-long) fetus has a single, functioning eye at the front of its head—the hallmark of a congenital condition called cyclopia, which occurs in several animal species, including humans.

Earlier this year fisher Enrique Lucero León legally caught a pregnant dusky shark near Cerralvo Island (see map) in the Gulf of California. When León cut open his catch, he found the odd-looking male embryo along with its nine normal siblings.

Cyclops shrak with normal siblings

Cyclops sharks have been documented by scientists a few times before, also as embryos, said Jim Gelsleichter, a shark biologist at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. The fact that none have been caught outside the womb suggests cyclops sharks don’t survive long in the wild.


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Author: Otelo

20 Comments to “Cyclops the Shark”
  1. The up close eye shot is super creepy! LOL


    • were u not reading? they killed the mom, cut her open and got the fetuses out and u think they lived? they were all premature any way

  3. pudding cup says:

    how can that be true???? Hmmm

  4. I am reminded of Willie the One-Eyed Wonder Worm.

  5. OMG YALL I didn’t know wat I was looking at in the second picture I was so scared that I fell out of my chair and hit my head and I was still screaming aftah that!!!!!!

  6. Mike Wizowsky!

  7. cool as its the same as lela of futrarma

  8. if the littles sharks were still alive the cyclop one would be so bullied,.

  9. that looks like mike from monster inc! who agrees?

  10. wow looks like something you would find on a cartoon or something like that

  11. it looks like its smiling.(shivers)

  12. LOL. It’s so cute :>

  13. This is so not a shark nor awhale, maybe its a different species of a fish, you do know we havent discovered them all yet right?

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