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Dolphins: Dog's Best Friend?

Dolphins: Dog’s Best Friend?

Dolphin Lifeguards

Turbo is one lucky Doberman.  He was stranded in a canal for over 15 hours before a pod of dolphins came to his rescue.


Turbo’s mom, Cindy Burnett, said he slipped out an unlocked gate.  Cindy said she searched for him until 2am.  “We thought he was gone,” she said.

Meanwhile, a few streets away, a neighbor heard a loud commotion in the canal in her backyard.  She went to investigate and saw the dolphins were assisting the dog.

The neighbor jumped in a rescued the dog. She said without the dolphins, she wouldn’t have survived.

Best of Buds

Google “Dogs and Dolphins” and you will not find a shortage of material on the two species being buddies.

I think my favorite is this super sappy video of a dolphin saving a dog from shark that I posted at the top of the blog. (The video is kind of long, so fast-forward to about 4:00)

Even though the save scene isn’t real, the dog swimming on the dolphin sure is!



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