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Forget the fair - I'm going to the Camel Festival!

Forget the fair – I’m going to the Camel Festival!

Every year the northern Indian city of Bikaner holds what looks to be a pretty unique state of affairs with camels – a full fledged Camel Festival!

And if you know camels, then you know how unruly they can be when you want them to do just about anything. Knowing they’re about as obedient as a smartmouth teenager makes this parade of artsy-fartsy camels that much more amazing.

My Humps, My Humps, my Lovely Lady Lumps

Before the advent of modern motor vehicles the survival of the people of this region depended on the “ship of the desert” the camel. The camels of this region are famous for their endurance as well as their strength and beauty. So to celebrate them, thousands of excited tourists and local people cheer this man and beast affair organized especially, for promoting the camel breeders of the region and to revive the age old traditions of taming and training camels.

Day 1

The festival begins with a colorful parade of incredibly decorated camels then the procession heads over to open ground where the camel pageant show is held. Here owners show off their camel’s decorations and jewelry. Awards are given for the best decorated camels, camel MILKING and also the best fur cutting design.

Day 2

The second day rings in a fleet of fierce camels all racing to the finish line. The evening ends with a rendezvous with the renowned folk artists of Rajasthan. The jubilant, skirt swirling dances, the awe inspiring fire dances and many other equally interesting performances entertain the visitors. Sounds like a good time!

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Author: Christian

3 Comments to “Forget the fair – I’m going to the Camel Festival!”
  1. Hair cuts are OK, but I’ll bet the camels don’t sit for tattooing.

    • This is the henna design, a temporary tattoo. Henna leaves are crushed and applied on humans or on camels in this case. So it is not painful

  2. s.k.upadhyay says:

    Dear Sir, as you wrote in the very first line of this article that Bikaner is in north of India, i would humbly want to tell you that Bikaner is in the Western Side of India.

    Please do correct as millions used to hit your website.

    thanking you


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