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Goats in a Tree

Goats in a Tree

These are goats in a tree. These sure-footed, four-legged creatures are really real.

People who think these images have been Photoshopped must not have been to Morocco lately, because if they had, they would be used to seeing goats in trees.

The goats climb the Argan trees of Morocco for a very logical reason- they are looking for food.

The local population enjoys many benefits as well; the goat droppings contain a rare seed that the locals use to make oil.

The agility with which these goats traipse the trees is unbelievable.

Watch the video below of goats in a tree and experience the Moroccan marvels for yourself.

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Author: suzanne

8 Comments to “Goats in a Tree”
  1. Susan Medeiros says:

    I would love to see how those clever little goats get up into the trees!

  2. Ok, I see how they get down, but how do they get up?

  3. Those poor TREES! j/k….. I wonder when this started? Much have been one smart goat to do it!

  4. Well necessity is the mother of invention. When the goats see the leaves on the trees and nothing to eat on the ground they learn how to climb up on the trees to feed themselves. The Mountain goats climb on even steeper slopes and dangerously hanging trees on mountain tops for the foliage.

  5. I love how Ripleys discredits these photos as optical illusions! Real cool to see though, if only it were real! i had a great time at the museum in Orlando. Truly a MUST SEE attraction if your in town.

  6. The Narrator of the video Should Never be allowed to Narrate again. Ever. I tried to enjoy the video. I could not. Even finish it.

  7. This is eerily reminiscent of the 1969 Monty Python sketch “Flying Sheep.”

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