Believe It or Not!
It's a bird...It's a plane...It's a skydiving dog!

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s a skydiving dog!

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes, as is true with Otis the ultimate skydiving dog. Hailing from Galt, California, this little 10 year old pug has joined his master on dozens of skydiving expeditions (tandem of course).

“He’s just like a first-time skydiver…He’s all excited about it, gets nervous at the door just like all the rest of the skydivers, and then once he gets out he’s just having a ball.”

His owner, Will DeSilva who initiated Otis into the sport as a puppy, has been skydiving for nine years. Together, they have had over 60 jumps! DaSilva’s fiancee believes Otis sees the sport as an extreme version of sticking his head out a moving car’s window. “Otis,” DaSilva says, “is living the ultimate dream.”

The Reaction?

Of course there are concerns for the puppy’s health and questions are raised upon whether it is safe for dogs to skydive. Otis may not be able to comment on his lifelong hobby, says Jamie Peck at Crushable, but if he didn’t like it, there are other ways to make his opinion known, such as relieving himself or “generally freaking out.” He doesn’t, “and the look on Otis’ face at the end of the video? Priceless!” Watch Otis’ latest jump and decide for yourself!

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  1. Wow ! c’est tii pas beautiful this ?????

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