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Jailbreak Kitty

Jailbreak Kitty

Here kitty kitty kitty…

Everyone loves a good jailbreak story.  Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite movies of all time.  I also love a good cat story.  Just this week on Facebook I posted pics of Venus the two-faced kitty and BatCat.

Cat strapped with contraband

A jailbreak story combined with a cat story seems almost too good to be true, but last week a prison in Brazil made my day.

A cat was spotted trying to sneak contraband into the prison.  Strapped to the cat’s tummy were saws, drills, and cell phones.

The cat was being raised in secret by some of the inmates, who turned it over to relatives during a visit.  The police’s best guess is the inmates trained the cat to return to their cell.  The inmates then turned the cat over to a relative who  strapped it with the equipment then released it in hopes the cat would  return to their owner’s cell.

Too Soon

As soon as the prison guards saw the contraband laden cat roaming the hallway, they snatched it up…perhaps a little too soon.  They should have let the kitty finish its trip.  As of now prison officials have no idea who the cat belongs to!

“It’s difficult to know who is responsible for this, since the cat won’t talk,” said one prison official.

Watch the video posted at the to of blog.  You can see the prison officials de-rigging the cat!

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