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Loch Ness Monster Finally Discovered in Catalina?

Loch Ness Monster Finally Discovered in Catalina?

Sea Serpents

When Jasmine Santana was snorkeling off the coast of Catalina Island, she never expected to come eye-to-eye with the stuff monster movies are made from.

Santana is an instructor for the Catalina Island Marine Institute. She was snorkeling when she saw a half-dollar sized eye looking at her from the sandy bottom of the ocean.

She went down to investigate and what she found has been described as the “discovery of a lifetime.”

“I was thinking to myself, there’s no way anyone is going to believe me.”

What Santana has discovered was an oarfish. Oarfish are rarely seen fish that live in the deepest depths of the ocean up to 3,300 feet. They are eel-like fish that have confirmed lengths of 36-feet and unconfirmed of 46-feet-long!

Typically the only time they swim near the surface is when they are dying. The oarfish Santana discovered had recently passed on.

It is believed that any reports of “sea monsters” are most likely oarfish sightings.

It took about 15-20 people to pull the oarfish ashore. When they finally measured it, it came in at 18-feet-long!

Would you have braved investigating the half-dollar sized eye peering from the murky waters, or would you have hightailed it out of there?

Oarfish Digital Art


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2 Comments to “Loch Ness Monster Finally Discovered in Catalina?”
  1. I think these creatures are fascinating. It would be amazing to see one alive.

  2. It’s not lochness -_- but she was great for discovery something rare, very lucky…. visit

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