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Migaloo- The Albino Whale

Migaloo- The Albino Whale

White Fella

Meet Migaloo, an albino humpback whale that is sometimes spotted off the Gold Coast of Australia. 

His name is derived from an Aboriginal word that means “white fella.”

Migaloo is a favorite for whale watching enthusiasts. He is believed to be the only documented white humpback whale in the world.

He was discovered in 1991 and quickly became popular with tourists and locals alike.

Since then, sightings have been rare. He migrates from Antarctica to Australia on a yearly basis, and some years he slips by undetected.

Most of these photos were taken in 2012 on Migaloo’s return to Antarctica.

Watch the video posted at the top of the blog of one whale watcher’s close encounter!

Header photo courtesy of Gian Jordi.
Blog photos courtesy of John Edwards.



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