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Newest Acquisition: 4-pound Tiger Hairball

Newest Acquisition: 4-pound Tiger Hairball

Cough it up

Ty is a 17-year-old tiger who wasn’t feeling very well.  Turns out Ty had a hairball the size of a basketball lodged in his stomach. 

Ty the Tiger, pre-surgery
Ty lives at Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Floirda.  After being brought to BluePearl Veterinary Partners, internal medicine specialist Dr. Brian Luria discovered the giant hairball.  He deemed surgery was necessary to remove the hunk of hair.

Step in Edward Meyer, VP of Archives and Exhibits here at Ripley’s.  He hears about the hairball and immediately wants it for Ripley’s!

Not our first rodeo

Hairballs have a special place in Ripley’s.  We own over 600!

Most of our hairballs come from cows, so this new tiger acquisition is very special. As Edward points out, “If a cow wakes up during surgery, it only moos at you.”

Ripley’s  plans to exhibit the tiger hairball at our Panama City Beach location, next to a taxidermied man-eating Bengal tiger that had ingested 50 jeweled bangles in its stomach.

Worth Every Penny

Probably the best part of the story is after officials at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation heard that we wanted to purchase the hairball, they offered it to us FREE OF CHARGE!!!  All they ask is that we thank the doctors who saved Ty’s life somewhere in the exhibit.

Well, I speak on behalf of Ripley’s when I say that’s a small price we don’t mind paying!

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  1. Vijay Mehra says:

    Simply amazing!

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