Believe It or Not!
Not Your Average Hitchhiker

Not Your Average Hitchhiker

On December 12, 2011, conservation officers in Vancouver were being dispatched all around what seemed to be an unlikely place for a bear; in the heart of downtown Vancouver! Earlier that morning, a young black bear (around one to two years old) was rummaging through a dumpster when a driver had made a pick up then made his way to downtown Vancouver for another one – And PRESTO! You’ve got a bear on board.

Alex Desjardins, a conservation officer for Vancouver’s Ministry of Environment couldn’t believe his ears when he was dispatched to Cambie Street near Georgia Street, in the middle of the city.

“Initially I had a hard time believing it,” said Desjardins. “The dispatcher said, ‘It’s not April Fools.’”

Around that time of year, Bears are usually hibernating, however, in milder climates some still remain rummaging around trying to fatten themselves out for the long haul ahead. Its a matter of survival, if they’re not fat enough, they could die in their den. As for this fat little chap, he was quickly tranquilized and transported back safely to the Squamish Valley. The bear is healthy and tries to keep up with his fans through his very own Twitter account – @downtown_bear.

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