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Do you remember the “Orvillecopter”?

No? Well, let me refresh your memory…

This dead cat turned into a remote controlled flying helicopter may be the strangest things we have ever blogged about. However, the Orvillecopter creators have one-upped themselves.

Half Ostrich + Half Quadcopter =  OstrichCopter

OstrichCopter before he was OstrichCopter was living on an ostrich farm when he died of disease. Bart Jansen and Arjen Beltman grabbed him up and sent him to the taxidermist.

Add a motor, a scaffold or two and BAM! You have an OstrichCopter.

OstrichCopter is almost 10-feet-long and weighs over 45 pounds.

“I thought it was really funny to make fly a bird that can’t” -Bart Jansen, Creator of OstrichCopter

Watch the video posted at the top of  the blog to see OstrichCopter in action.

Source: Wired


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Author: suzanne

4 Comments to “OstrichCopter”
  1. Vijay Mehra says:

    Wonderful idea. The father of the next generation of aircrafts.

  2. Vijay Mehra says:

    Wonderful idea. Aircrafts of the future!

  3. That’s just sick I say if a creature is dead then leave it rest

  4. ew. um i hope the ostrich farm ppl treat the ostriches well…

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