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Pranks of Nature

Pranks of Nature

Welcome to Ripley’s Menagerie of Curious Creatures

Cyclops goat & lamb
The animal kingdom offers an endless pageant of bizarre behaviors and unbelievable biological adaptations.

Not So Common Livestock

Today we share with you a few awesome vintage photographs of some of the most bizarre animal mutations.

These particular animals are not exotic species, but rather common livestock … well, maybe not so common.

Jeff Drake, of Sedalia, Montana, owned this horse, born without legs.

A cow caught a fish and ate it on Bird Island in Corpus Christi, Texas

A calf born with eight legs and two tails, owned by Alex Harpe of Buckely, Michigan

A chicken without a beak, owned by Barney Lederman of Chicago, Illinois

Little Known Domestic Animal Facts

  • In Velez, Colombia, a cow stepped on the trigger of a loaded rifle and accidentally killed another cow!
  • “Weirdo”, the largest California chicken ever recorded, weighted 22lbs! He once killed a rooster, two cats, injured a dog — and even injured his owner!
  • The Yokohama, a Japanese bird, has tail feathers twelve feet long!
  • Edward F. Beale (1822-1893), an American diplomat, learned Arabic just so he could speak to a herd of 70 camels he bought for his ranch!

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  1. ummmmm……. i have never seen this in my life. so yeah

  2. What are they?? are they cross breeds or just naturally like that??

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