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Sad Sad Rats

Sad Sad Rats

Robot Rat Depression

Scientists at Waseda University in Tokyo have developed a rat robot to basically bully real rats into depression!

Robot rat developed by scientists at Waseda University


The scientists use the sad rats to test anti-depressant medication. After all, you can’t tell if  depression meds are working if you’re not depressed in the first place.

So how exactly do robots make rats sad?

Simple, the robot mimics rat attacks.  They are programmed with three different  “behavior generation algorithms,” which include chasing and different modes of attacking. (Watch the video posted at the top of the blog to see the robot in action)

Researchers have found that when the rat is constantly attacked, it becomes listless and withdrawn…similar to behavior exhibited by depressed adults.

I feel bad for these poor rats.  Just imagine where your whole life is one big bully attack!  I know it’s supposed to help humans, but come on!

What are your thoughts?  Are bullied, depressed rats a small price to pay for human happiness or should we start a “Save the Rats” campaign?


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Author: suzanne

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  1. Saccus Bag says:

    All you do-gooders full of virtue! This is an effect of YOU!

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