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Say Hello to Harvey Dent: The Two-Faced Kitten

Say Hello to Harvey Dent: The Two-Faced Kitten

If cats are believed to have nine lives, how many lives could a cat with two faces have? Appropriately named Harvey Dent after the two-faced character in the Batman Series, this adorable little kitten was recently born healthy in the Port Charlotte, FL home of Nash Hand and his wife Amanda Forsythe.

Hand said that the television news station could not believe what he was telling them,

“[She said] ‘What are you talking about? What do you mean two faces?’ I said it has two faces! This cat has two faces!”

Just after having seen a show about a two-faced cat, this rare occurrence caught the couple by surprise, more so after having just discussed how “wouldn’t it be weird if that happened to us?”. The little kitty has four eyes, two noses and two mouths of which all work simultaneously.

“When he eats on one side it looks like he is eating on the other. When he meows it comes out of both sides.”

Public Outbursts

After seeking help and advice from, they found themselves with a bit of public outcry in regards to Harvey Dent’s birth. Many were telling the couple to kill the cat, that the kitten was a “beast” and an “abomination”. Despite public opinion, Dent’s mom plans on raising the kitten a full and normal life. The couple told local reporters that they would like for Harvey Dent to have the best chance at a healthy life, regardless of veterinary expenses.

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Author: Christian

10 Comments to “Say Hello to Harvey Dent: The Two-Faced Kitten”
  1. ur evil twin says:

    hey ripleys i was wondering, why do you show simes-twins?

  2. Nicolas Nonexist says:

    beast? BEAST? that’s unfair i’d love to have such an amazing cat as a pet

  3. Your Favorite Nightmare says:

    Omg!!!!! So cute!I would love to have such a beautiful little animal! He’s not or EVER would be a beast. Haters are crazy!

  4. Your Favorite Nightmare says:

    нє ¢αη ¢σмє ℓινє ωιтн мє
    ι’ℓℓ тαкє нιм. ℓσℓ
    нєѕ тнє вєѕт тнιηg тнαт єνєя нαρρєηє∂ тσ ηαтυяє

  5. Well, IF we were to talk from evolution’s point of view, it would propably be better to actually kill him. The problem these days is, we think that even the weakest forms of life have a right or a “reason” to live, and they don’t just die off like in normal circumstances (aka. without people). Of course, as long as bad traits don’t become widespread, it should be no harm in keeping cats with two faces.

    • Who are you to say an animal with extra eyes to hunt with and an extra set of teeth to take down prey is a weaker animal. The mother of the cat has taken to caring for it so apparently and thankfully nature knows better than you.

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww if you think he is not cute your stupid! by the way”your favorite nightmare” I agree with you!!!

  7. miss rluver says:

    i love this animal its awesome like the 2 headed 5 legged turtle… can you people tell me why its so cute and why we all love this animal… its the cutest:-)

  8. turtle luver says:

    2x as cute

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