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Soaring Eagle POV

Soaring Eagle POV

♪ Fly Like An Eagle ♪

Last month a video was uploaded to YouTube that featured spectacular point-of-view footage of an eagle soaring over the European Alps.

YouTube user Srachi claims they strapped a GoPro camera to the back of an eagle and let nature do the rest.

Some news outlets are questioning the authenticity of the video, while many others take it a face value.

The GoPro weighs about 12oz and a Golden Eagle can weigh up to 15lbs. I’m not great with math and the laws of physics, but I suppose it could be possible. I just wonder how you get the GoPro back? Is the eagle trained?

I’m still wrecked from a fake YouTube video that went viral last year of a Golden Eagle snatching a baby off the ground. I admit I was a 100% believer the first time I saw it. Fool me once…

Turns out the video was a hoax posted by students who attend the nearby Centre NAD, a school that specializes in new digital media and post-production. But don’t get mad at the students; they were just doing a class assignment.

Each semester Professor Robin Tremblay assigns his students to make a viral hoax video. If the video gets more than 100,000 views, then the students receive an  “A.”

What do you think? Is the Soaring Eagle video real or fake? Leave a comment telling us what you think.

Soaring Eagle POV. Real or Fake?

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid- Admitted Hoax

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2 Comments to “Soaring Eagle POV”
  1. I believe!!

  2. Most likely not real.

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