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Stalking Crocodile Traps Tourist

Stalking Crocodile Traps Tourist

I’ve Got My Eye On You

When Ryan decided to take a holiday in Australia, he got waaaaayyyyy more island time than he bargained for.

Ryan is a New Zealander who likes to kayak. He was dropped off on Governor Island located off the north tip of Western Australia. He thought nothing of paddling the 2.5 miles back to the mainland.

However, the 20-foot resident croc had a different idea.

Every time Ryan went to leave the island, the monster crocodile started following him!

Croc Food

Ryan was convinced that if he left the island, the crocodile would follow and attack him. Ryan’s only option was to stay on dry land, conserve his resources, and try and signal for help.

Meanwhile, Two Weeks Later…

After TWO WEEKS, Ryan was running out of supplies and hope.

Finally, a local man who lives in nearby Kalumburu spotted Ryan’s signal and decided to investigate.

Ryan’s rescuer, Don Macleod, was familiar with the stalking crocodile.

“That crocodile, I’ve seen him several times actually going by quite fast. One day he just happened to surface alongside me as I was going past and my boat’s 20 foot long so he was well up towards the 20-foot mark.”

When Macleod arrived at the island, he found Ryan on the beach with no hat, no shirt, and desperate for water.

“He was desperate for water when I trotted up. We gave him a cold beer, which was probably the wrong thing, and then he went to sleep about three-quarters of the way home.”

Fortunately, Ryan is now recovering on the mainland. I’m guessing his next holiday will be a bit less adventurous.

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