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The Amazing Balancing Ibex of Diga del Cingino

The Amazing Balancing Ibex of Diga del Cingino

That must be some good salt!

Look closely to the picture to the right.  Can you spot the Amazing Balancing Ibex?

Ibex are a species of wild goat that live in the Alpines.  The Ibex are veg-heads that forage on moss, flowers, and leaves.  One of the Ibex’s favorite flavors is salt.

In fact, Ibex love salt soooo much, they can be seen scaling the 160-foot walls of the Diga del Cingino Dam in Italy just to get a lick!

Dinner time!

The sure-footed Ibex are balancing on a practically vertical wall to eat the moss and lichen off the stone, and  lick the salt off the dam wall.  Dozens of Ibex can be seen at a time happily licking away!

This is not a hoax

These pics have been circulating the internet for awhile, and many conspiracy theorists and debunkers alike have tried to prove these images are fake.  However, there has been extensive research into the subject, and every time the pictures have proven their authenticity!  In fact, we featured this story in our 2012 annual, Strikingly True!  

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2 Comments to “The Amazing Balancing Ibex of Diga del Cingino”
  1. This has to be the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I would like to see this in person. Haha I think the Ibex is cute. I want one as a pet.(:

  2. Most vegetarian browsers and grazers like salt. Some folks put out ‘salt licks’ for free-range domestic cattle and for deer, antelope, and/or elk. Rain dissolves salt and carries it downhill, away from where these animals feed, so salT is always in short supply. I am more amazed at the dandelion growing in the face of the dam where there is NO soil!

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