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The Amazing Dance of the Peacock Spider

The Amazing Dance of the Peacock Spider

Great Things Come In Small Packages

Maratus volans is the scientific name for a tiny jumping spider that packs a lot of punch. This colorful spider sizes in at a mere  0.1 inch or 2.54 millimeters long!

Though small in stature, this diminutive arachnid’s presence is larger than life.

Shake what your momma gave you!

Maratus volans, aka the peacock spider, gets his name from his colorful abdomen that he raises over its head and shakes during a mating ritual.

The shaking, vibrating, grooving, and jiving resembles a tribal dance of epic proportions.

Watch the video posted at the top of the blog to see the amazing dance!

Even more incredible than his dance moves are his jumping abilities. This pee-wee can hop up to 40 times his body length!

Does he get the girl?!?!

Like any good television season finale, this video leaves us with a classic cliffhanger!

We get to watch the dance in all its amazingness, but right when he prances on his intended, she jumps off camera and the video stops rolling.

Does he win over his true love? Sadly, the world may never know….

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