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The Crazy Incognito Mantis Orchid

The Crazy Incognito Mantis Orchid

Look at the purty flowers

The Malaysian Orchid Mantis just might be the biggest trickster of the animal kingdom.

This bug mimics real orchids so well, it deceives pollinating bugs into stopping by for a visit. Instead of collecting pollen and nectar, the bugs become a meal for the mantis.

The orchid mantis was discovered in 1879 when an Australian journalist took a trip to Indonesia and returned with stories of bug eating flowers. What he actually saw was the orchid mantis.

For over a century, it has been assumed that the orchid mantis is a master mimicker, but no one ever put them to the test…. until now.

In recent experiments, scientists have discovered that the mantis is not only an experienced camouflager, but they impersonate flora better than the real thing!

The fakers don’t even hang around the real thing. Orchid mantis are so confident in their ability to mimic flowers, they just hang out on leafy greens and let the prey come to them.

The orchid mantis comes in a variety of colors: from white, to yellow, to pink and purple.

Whatever their color, bees and wasps of the world beware! Orchid mantis is coming to get you.

Scroll down for a video of an orchid mantis in action! 

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  1. What beautiful insects!

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