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The Great CVS Duck Invasion

The Great CVS Duck Invasion

A Dozen Ducks Walk Into a CVS…

No, this is not the beginning of a bad joke- IT REALLY HAPPENED!

The CVS in Saratoga Springs NY got quite a surprise when over a dozen ducks waddled their way in through the automatic doors.

The workers were astounded! They didn’t know how the ducks managed to slip past the doors.

One worker attempted to shoo the ducks out with a swiffer, while another successfully lured them outside with an irresistible trail of popcorn.

To top it off, there were about 50 more of their buddies waiting outside the CVS!

The Saratoga CVS is situated close to a park with a duck pond, so they assume that is where the flock came from. Why they wanted to get in the CVS the world may never know. I assume it is because of their killer Halloween candy sales.

Watch the full video!

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Author: suzanne

2 Comments to “The Great CVS Duck Invasion”
  1. When reached for comment, a spokesman for the ducks said, “They were unhappy with their bills.”

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