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Tiny Chameleon

Tiny Chameleon

Wait, is that real?

This isn’t a miniature sculpture by the talented Willard Wigan. This is an actual living dwarf chameleon!

Itty Bitty Teeny Tiny

As small as a match-tip, the Brookesia micra is the smallest of the four newly discovered miniature chameleons. The B. Micra is one of the tiniest reptiles in the world – measuring an average adult length of only 2.9 centimeters. Would you want one? They look pretty cute, but I have a feeling I might lose him!

But, how did they get to be so small?

Scientists think the new species may have shrunk in size because of limited resources on their home island of Madagascar. Pretty amazing!


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Author: lauren

4 Comments to “Tiny Chameleon”
  1. the FB blogger I F**king love science did a piece on these a few months ago. i said it then and i’ll say it now awwwwwwww i WANT one!

    • Stephanie Ward says:

      A friend of mine has stump tailed Pygmy leaf chameleons and they are really cute but I don’t think I’d want any smaller.

  2. This really cute and I would like to see one and maybe hold it but I don’t think I would want one. I would be afraid something would happen to it and it’s much to cute to lose

  3. aww I want cute

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