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Tiny Dachshund Pup Born In California, May Well Be The World's Smallest Dog!

Tiny Dachshund Pup Born In California, May Well Be The World’s Smallest Dog!

With national attention gaining momentum, the announcement of the tiny dachshund puppy’s birth is sparking debate on whether it should be crowned the World’s Smallest Dog. Weighing in at an impressive 1 ounce, the little tike could fit into a spoon when it was born! Beyonce was born in northern California’s Grace Foundation Animal Shelter and since then, she is about the size of a business card and can sleep soundly on top of a cell phone.

A story of a Stray

The shelter thinks that she may be a cross between a dachshund and a teacup chihuahua. But not much is known regarding her breeding because her mother, Casey, was found as a pregnant stray by animal control who took her in. With no owner in sight, Casey was scheduled to be euthanized. However, with a streak of luck, Devore Animal Control made one last attempt at giving Casey a chance – so they contacted The Grace Foundation and they agreed to take her in.

When Casey finally gave birth, Beyonce, the last of five puppies to be born, had no heartbeat and was not breathing. Veterinarians performed heart compressions and mouth-to-mouth, and soon little Beyonce began breathing, the Telegraph reports.

Vet assistant Beth DeCaprio who gave the pup mouth-to-mouth resuscitation said:

It was actually a little funny, and gross, trying to get my mouth around hers, but after a couple of really small breaths she took a deep breath and started to really move around. We cleaned out her little nasal passages, and I gave her a couple more breaths and then she started breathing on her own. She is just a remarkable little survivor.”

Now, healthy and thriving, the shelter has stated that the pups will not be available for adoption until May 3rd. However, since making the news, adoption offers have poured in for the dog. With good reason, she’s absolutely adorable – seriously, who wouldn’t want the little pipsqueak sleeping inside your coffee mug?

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  1. karen Warner says:

    I have a friend that is 45 years old and is about to undergo another knee replacement. This lady has had 31 knee surgery to date. Do you know who holds the record for the most knee surgerys and how old they are?

  2. sakiem winston says:

    i wish i had me dog that small


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