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Two Headed Milk Snake

Two Headed Milk Snake

A University of Central Florida biologist says a rare, two-headed albino milk snake was recently born.

Most two-headed snakes have typical coloration. Albino snakes don’t have dark pigmentation in their skin. Albino milk snakes appear in bright shades of red, orange and white.

The biologist says two-headed snakes have been documented to live as long as 20 years in captivity. But with two brains giving commands to a single body, Parker says the snake would have a difficult time surviving in the wild.

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Author: Otelo

13 Comments to “Two Headed Milk Snake”
  1. How lovely …

  2. Two-headed snake again… but at least it’s an albino!

  3. this is a pretty pair, years ago I saw a two headed rattle snake at the Los Angeles Zoo, with out so much neck

  4. I remember the 2 two-headed California King snakes that were on display at the San Diego zoo many years ago – Dudley Duplex and Dudley Duplex II. A herpetologist friend once allowed me to handle his two-headed gopher snake. Dicephalic snakes don’t usually survive to adulthood. All had ‘typical’ coloration for their species. This specimen is more remarkable to me for his coloration than his dicephaly.
    How about a nod to Abigail and Brittany Hensel, who are 21 years old now?

    • Hello tadchem,
      I study two-headed snakes and want to document the garter snake you saw some years ago. Please contact me so I can get some data on the snake and its owner.
      Thanks, Dr. Van

  5. Ross Cameron says:


  6. Ross Cameron says:

    love snakes

  7. assassindude says:

    omg that is one cool looking snake wow that is one of the beautiful things the mother nature can make


  9. i imagine myself getting eaten of those snakes

  10. Wow! Amazing information. I am always in search of such info for my website. Thanks for sharing.. :)

  11. hmm. i have one two headed snake. a mystic. not uncommon.

  12. Wow, so beautiful!

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