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Two-Headed Shark

Two-Headed Shark

Pranks of Nature

At Ripley’s we have a long history of featuring what Robert Ripley used to affectionately call “Pranks of Nature.”  We have found two-head kittens, two-headed milk snakes, and two-headed tortoises.

However, I don’t think we have ever seen anything as unbelievable as this two-headed bull shark!


Catch of a lifetime

A fisherman from the Florida Keys caught a bull shark.  When he opened her up, he found a two-headed fetus!

He donated the two-headed shark to scientists who are now studying the creature.

The scientific term for the shark’s mutation is called “axial bifurcation,” which basically means the shark started as a twin and never finished separating.

These types of mutations are incredibly rare, but even more rare are these animals chances of survival.

The two-headed bull shark did not survive after the fisherman caught it, but scientists said its mutation put it at such a giant risk with predators, it’s chance of survival in the wild was very slim to begin with.


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