Believe It or Not!


Man’s Best Friend

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re our best friends. People even say that after awhile you begin to look like your dog, and that dogs take on their owner’s personality traits.

Sebastian Magnani took this idea to the next level with his photo series “Underdogs.” He dressed up dogs as their owners and the results are hilarious!

This series is so much fun. I love it so much, I’m thinking of planning my very own photo shoot….

What’s your favorite? Post your comments on the blog.



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Author: suzanne

3 Comments to “Underdogs”
  1. The blonde one with her dog.

  2. omg cute and funny lol!!!!

  3. i like the last one… the dog looks adorable.. but it would be better if you find dogs that actually look like their owners.. but cool this is interesting

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