Believe It or Not!
Wet Dog

Wet Dog

Not Lookin’ Too Thrilled

So, why dump a pail of water over a dog’s head and snap a pic? Because it opens the door for amazing photos like these, that’s why!

Sophie Gamand is a photographer who likes taking pictures of dogs. She says her photography explores the complex relationships between humans and dogs.

To her, dogs are much more human than we give them credit for. With Wet Dog, her aim was to photograph dogs during a vulnerable moment so she could capture a candid expression.

She took these photos at bath time. Right after the water is poured, and just before they shake, she shoots a pic perfectly encapsulating their internal sentiment. Some pups are angry, some pups are disappointed, but their eyes all make the same statement: I DON’T LIKE IT!

Photos courtesy of Sophie Gamand. For more, please visit her website or Facebook page.

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