Believe It or Not!
Door to Hell

Door to Hell

Drill Baby Drill

In 1971 a Soviet rig was drilling in Derweze, Turkmenistan when the geologists tapped into a cavern filled with natural gas.  Before they could further drill, they needed to clear the cavern.  The next logical step was to burn off the gas.

Real Life Silent Hill

The experts thought the fire would burn for a few days max, but the fire has been BURNING FOR OVER 40 YEARS!

The locals call the 230-foot diameter hole “The Door to Hell.”   If you visit the site, you see locals throwing cigarettes to create spectacular bursts of flames.

No one has any idea how much gas is left to burn off, but it appears that there is no shortage!

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Author: suzanne

10 Comments to “Door to Hell”
  1. Thats so cool!! I want to go see it

  2. If only they had been looking for gas, and had started pumping it…

  3. It’s like Centralia, PA with open flames. Centralia has had an underground coal mine fire burning since 1962.

  4. why dont they build a power plant near it and use it as the source of energy

  5. Cool!imagine going don there…

  6. barbecue anyone ?

    • that’s soooooo funny! I was just thinking the same thing! I would want to go down there, but I’m very clumsy and I’m afraid I might fall in.:(

  7. did it ever rain in that place??

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  9. Ananomouse says:

    I have read about the rig, but i never heard THIS side of the story! neat!

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