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10,000 Chinese gather to kick, punch and hiiiYA!!!

10,000 Chinese gather to kick, punch and hiiiYA!!!

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting

An incredible display of Chinese martial arts took place just a few weeks ago in Henan, China. 10,000 Kung fu students gathered for the country’s Cultural Heritage Day to perform an extraordinarily synchronized show.

Cultural Heritage day was established by the government six years ago and is intended to promote the protection of the country’s rich cultural resources. The day honors China’s boat-loads of cultural treasures. The country has 2,359 historic sites and almost 40,000 fixed relics on its mainland, according to the People’s Daily. Another 20 million movable relics are in museums.

Apart from rigorous math, English and economics study, the students of the Tagou Martial Arts School can also take courses in westling, kick-boxing and ‘free fight.’ I wouldn’t want to get in a heated fight with one of these kids, let alone try to solve any long division.

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Author: Christian

2 Comments to “10,000 Chinese gather to kick, punch and hiiiYA!!!”
  1. Simply beautiful. :)

  2. It did say students. I had a friend that got his black belt in Kung Fu and then found out that he had mastered the basics of the art. The black belt only means you have the right to move on. Due to movies we are led to believe this is a major achievement yet it is just a beginning of the art.

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