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Light Fight

Light Fight

Thanks Japan!

From the country that brought you Human Tails, Sweaty Robots, and Robot Restaurant, a new sport has emerged: Fluorescent Light Fighting.

I’m not quite sure what that point of this violent sport is besides getting mercury poisoning.

I’ve scoured the internet for details on the bloody battles, but have only come up with bloggers speculating about the sport.

From my detailed research (which entailed a total of 20 minutes skimming blogs) I’ve determined the Light Fighting is a mix between WWE Wrestling, UFC Fighting, and working in the lighting department of Home Depot.

I don’t know about you, but this sport looks really safe!

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Author: suzanne

2 Comments to “Light Fight”
  1. Ow that looks painful! guess they would be trained to be used to it?

  2. here is a crazy video clip of this stuff

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