Believe It or Not!
Swamp Soccer ... YEEHAW!

Swamp Soccer … YEEHAW!

Ok … so it is not an episode of My Hillbilly Vacation, but I think there is more than one redneck out there who has played something similar. I gotta admit, it looks like a lot of fun!

Where is the ball?

Believe It or Not!, players compete in the Swamp Soccer World Championships, held outside the National Stadium in Beijing. This is the second time the championship has been held in Beijing. This year’s 10-day event attracted 32 teams.

Getting You Up to Speed on Swamp Soccer

  1. Each team consists of six players, and there has to be at least one woman from each team on the muddy pitch throughout the course of the game.
  2. The playing field is 25m long and 15m wide.
  3. There is no off-side rule or penalty line, and each team can have an unlimited number of substitutes.
  4. Each game is thirty minutes in length consisting of two twelve-minute periods separated by a six-minute half-time break.
  5. No shoes or cleats.
  6. Goggles are optional.

Blame the Finnish for this mess

Swamp Soccer originated in Finland in the late 1990′s and has since been embraced by many countries such as the U.K., Russia, Iceland, Ireland, Switzerland, Brazil, and now China.

Wait a minute ... is the woman in the back wearing WHITE shorts? Now that's unbelievable!

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Author: Otelo

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  1. No more fun than that!! awesome pictures and a real game to play as well.

  2. hi i like bubbles

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